printing-press-72dpi“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” — A.J. Liebling

In ages past, this was true: from the earliest years of the twentieth century, when media barons ruled America’s presses, right through to the dawn of the twenty-first century, when new barons named Murdoch and Turner consolidated their empires (or sold them to even bigger conglomerates).

But then, something changed, something nobody foresaw: the rise of the Internet not only made anyone a web publisher, it also made old-school printing and distribution available at cost and quality unimaginable in ages past. Yes, the digital world shook up publishing — with Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iPad and a galaxy of other devices. But at the same time — just as television didn’t kill radio or the cinema — virtual print hasn’t fully supplanted physical print. Far from it. By streamlining and optimizing print-on-demand technologies, just-in-time delivery, and online sales, the digital universe has in fact augmented how printed materials are created and shipped. Publishing is no longer the domain of a small coterie of firms — and we at Holocene Press are proud to be in this bold new marketplace.

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